Takane Lui
A female executive of the secret society holoX.
She is in charge of negotiations that the general manager is unable to conduct, and is in effect the “command tower of the organization. At first glance, she appears cool, but she is a caring and considerate older woman who cares for her friends.
However, she is a clumsy woman who makes mistakes in important places.

  1. Lui learns new English internet slang "Galaxy Brain" from her overseas viewer [Hololive/Eng sub]

  2. 陽性反応が出て落ち込んでいる船長をチャットで元気づけていたルイ姉【ホロライブ切り抜き/鷹嶺ルイ/宝鐘マリン】

  3. Calli perfectly imitates "Ninja" but mentions "Not Iroha-chan" [Hololive/JP sub]