-Project: HOPE- IRyS

ホロライブEnglish Project: HOPE所属歌姫 IRyS


  1. ≪CHAD CAST #05≫ chads assemble

  2. Ollie Explained a Pretty 'Yabai' ID Word to Irys and Mumei【Hololive EN x ID | Irys x Mumei x Ollie】

  3. 【ELDEN RING】I strive to god gud [Spoiler Alert]

  4. 【OVERWATCH】ults you

  5. 【OVERWATCH】Nerf Bastion! 【Full Stack Collab】

  6. Towa learns the best excuse in English "It's the Ping" [Hololive/Eng sub]

  7. IRyS ignores a shark and keeps doing her task [Hololive/Eng sub]

  8. 【OVERWATCH】HoloHeroes!!

  9. 【Overwatch】 Full Team Under My Watch!….'Cause It's Over…Under…Okay…Haha…ha

  10. 【OVERWATCH】FULL HoloEN Team~

  11. 【ELDEN RING】I NEED to git git [Spoiler Alert]

  12. Calli perfectly imitates "Ninja" but mentions "Not Iroha-chan" [Hololive/JP sub]

  13. Calli perfectly imitates IRyS's PON moment using a chair [Hololive/Eng sub]

  14. 【Sucker for Love: First Date】Love is in the Tentacles?

  15. IRyS Cheating on Bae While She's Watching! (Hololive)

  16. 【Hope & Council April Fools】pfft

  17. ≪Hope & Council April Fools≫ !???!?!?!!

  18. Caesura of Despair – Animation MV

  19. 【It Takes Two】 Hope 3.33 【#3】

  20. 【MARIO KART 8DX TOURNAMENT】ame # 1 B) #ENxIDKart

  21. 【Mario Kart 8DX Tournament】 LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS EN x ID Tournament!!