-Council- Ceres Fauna

  1. 【Jump King】 Jumping for her…

  2. 【Devour】Surprise

  3. 【Vampire Survivors】 Current Objective: Survive

  4. 【KU100 ASMR】 whispering to you ♡ rambling & assorted ASMR triggers

  5. fauna is not prerecorded

  6. 【KU100 ASMR】 Let me brush your hair until you fall asleep ♡

  7. ≪Resident Evil: Village≫ will we finish today? ft. Fauna

  8. 【THE CLOSING SHIFT】 Someone is watching…

  9. 【Tsukumo Sana/Ceres Fauna】愚人節最棒的ASMR!!快看~是Big Fauna!!(X)!!??【HoloCouncil】 | 渣翻譯Vtuber | CC字幕修正

  10. 【SPORE】not cursed life-simulation #hololiveEnglish #holoCouncil

  11. 【ASMR】 Fauna's first ASMR stream! 🌿 comfy whispers and assorted ASMR triggers #holoCouncil

  12. 【Zatsudan Q&A】Let's chat! 🍵 #hololiveEnglish #holoCouncil

  13. 【DEBUT STREAM】Mama Nature 🌿 #hololiveEnglish #holoCouncil

  14. 【SUPERPARTY】 🍾 Drinking and reviewing memes & fanart to celebrate superchats! #holoCouncil

  15. ホロEN新メンバー初配信まとめ【ホロライブ/日本語/切り抜き】

  16. 【COUNCIL MEETING】The Council is in SESSION! + HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS #holoCouncil #hololiveEnglish